Our Story

Why EcoExciting?

EcoExciting aims to bring sustainable, reusable and ultimately recyclable products into people's everyday lives. We aim to to bring new products to the market and existing ones to hard to reach locations. We wish to provide the story behind the products, who makes them and where they come from, which we find useful why we have chosen to promote them. Ultimately at EcoExciting we want create a community where contributors share their ideas and their experiences on the journey to becoming more sustainable.

Our Ethos

EcoExciting is following the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair, Refuse thinking and where possible, running a plastic free operation. Our aim is to deliver this through from delivery at EcoExciting HQ, creation of the boxes to dispatching to our customers. By promoting ideas and products which are sustainable alternatives to everyday items we hope to help our customers make little changes which can make a big difference in the world.

The Brands we work with

EcoExciting is working with a range of brands in both size and offering. We are carefully selecting the suppliers we are working with to limit waste and where unavoidable promote items which can be recycled. To this extent we are keen to promote any brand which we think aligns with our values.

Who Are We?

David and Jo are a couple from Hinckley in Leicestershire. We would like to live a more sustainable life and have struggled to find sustainable and environmentally friendly products without driving long distances or buying large quantities.

David is an engineer who has always been interested in efficiencies. He cycles to work every day, takes lunch in a re-purposed box and is rigorous at sorting waste. He also concentrates on end use sustainability rather than taking manufacturer claims at face value. He is a bit of a spreadsheet wizard, but will not admit that if asked!

Jo is a sports coaching and development graduate, cycling coach and event manager. She is always trying new ideas to use less plastic and do things in a more sustainable manner. She is passionate about getting the word out there for more people to be able to live in a sustainable way. She also has enough reusable mugs to last her a lifetime!

David and Jo

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